Atlanta, Georgia

The individual buildings of Terminus – a mixed-use development in downtown Atlanta – relate to one another as parts within a whole. Pocket parks, roof gardens, internal streets, and plazas bring life to the street level and make ideal gathering places for community events. The complex envelops ‘Café Street’, a two level public space that connects parking with shops, offices, and residences, and provides common space where employees, residents, and visitors intermingle. Collectively, the buildings and spaces represent a progressive paradigm - the 24 hour live/work/play environment - within Atlanta’s fractured and automobile-dependent development. It promotes a sustainable urban lifestyle and helps fight suburban sprawl by making density desirable. Taller buildings, a strong pedestrian orientation, easy access to public transportation, separation of pedestrian and automobile traffic, multiple public open spaces, and a rich variety of amenities all contribute to a compact, walkable environment.