Atlanta, Georgia

Terminus is a 4-million square foot, urban mixed-use development in the Buckhead district of Atlanta.  Conceived as a 24-hour live/work/play neighborhood, this high-density, vertical development is named after the historic commerce and transportation town that became Atlanta. Terminus marks a new direction in development for modern-day Atlanta, which has a rapidly growing business district but remains largely a commuter town.

The master plan for the 9.9-acre site includes the 650,000 square-foot Terminus 100 and the 500,000 square-foot Terminus 200 office towers that anchor the development, a major public space known as Café Street, a 140-unit condominium tower set on a 12-story parking structure, three additional 200-unit residential towers, and restaurant and retail space totaling over 100,000 square feet. The dense development is rendered airy and accessible with predominantly clear glass cladding, multiple entryways, interior streets and courtyards, and a pedestrian level that is devoted to shop fronts and restaurants.